The Skyscraper hitmaker was settled into her seat for an early morning domestic U.S. flight when she heard two females arguing with air stewards.

Lovato decided to share the incident as it unfolded with fans on, writing, "Soooo.... I'm on a plane and we aren't taking off because this girl and her mom don't want to check their carry-ons. Where's the popcorn?!"

She continued, "There's yelling and everything!!! this is almost... ALMOST as good as Scandal... Pilot just called this girl out over the intercom..... TOO GOOD!!!!!"

The women eventually "surrendered", but their behaviour prompted other passengers to call for their removal from the aircraft.

They were subsequently allowed to remain onboard, but their actions had a knock-on effect for other travellers as it caused further delays for the flight.

Lovato concluded, "Well that was exciting. They're not getting kicked off... That's all folks!!!! #we'restilldelayed".

The travel drama came at the end of an eventful weekend for Lovato, who performed at the DigiFest N.Y.C. show at Citi Field on Saturday (06Jun15) while feeling unwell.

Before the gig, she tweeted, "About to go on stage bloated and with a tummy ache".