Demi Lovato was ''frustrated'' about being called a role model.

The 22-year-old 'Really Don't Care' hitmaker has admitted she felt pressured by the expectation for her to be a role model for young people.

She told Fault magazine: ''I used to get frustrated that just because I wanted to sing, I was automatically expected to be a role model. But I had to grow up and realise that no matter what I do I'm going to be somebody's role model.

''It's true what they say - 'with great power comes great responsibility' - and everybody's career is different but for me, I had to grow up and embrace it rather than resent it, as that only made me resent my career.''

Meanwhile, the singer has also revealed her fans have inspired her to do more charity work.

She explained: ''Well these projects were really born out of my relationship with my fans, where they are able to look up to me no matter what they're going through.

''I really like being there for them in that way. I pride myself in being a role model but I'm not perfect - I curse like a sailor and I sometimes make mistakes but at the same time I want to be what I know my little sister and that younger generation needs.''