Demi Lovato has teased her fans with a trailer for her forthcoming single ‘Heart Attack,’ which reveals that the American Idol judge is ready to get up close and personal in her music and confront the demons that have haunted her personal life. It’s no great secret that Demi has struggled with bulimia and self-harm in the past and she admits in the trailer “for a while, I could tell that when people would talk to me, they knew my story,” and explains that she’s “opened up more” on her new album. 

There’s no official news on when the album’s due, though we know that Lovato’s next long-player will be coming out some time this year. During the making of the album, she’s explained “my life began to evolve and I started to grow. These are songs about the celebration of life and how rewarding it can be. This is what this album is about.” As Demi finishes talking, a brief clip of the single plays, with her singing “I think I’d have a heart attack” and the release date of March 4, 2013 flashes up on the screen. Not long to wait, for Lovato’s fans then. 

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato - new single 'Heart Attack' will land March 4, 2013

The single’s due to drop on Ryan Seacrest’s show on March 4 and it’s likely that Demi will speak openly about her struggles, in an interview with Seacrest.