Demi’s divorce papers have been filed, finally. The 50 year old actress has filed her divorce papers to end her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, after 16 months of being separated, New York Post have reported that the to-ing and fro-ing has finally come to an end and Moore has tired of trying to reach a confidential settlement that pleases her.

Ashton Kutcher actually filed papers back in December, but Demi has yet to respond. Reportedly, she was trying to reach a settlement, before filing. Kutcher earned a lot more money than Demi after they split but he doesn’t appear to feel that she’s entitled to much of it. An insider told the Post “Ashton has been very difficult during the talks,” the insider said. “You could even say he has been hostile.” It sounds as though the highest paid actor on TV will not be parting with his hard-earned cents without a fight and Demi appears to have lost the will to fight. 

Demi Moore
Demi Moore, pictured here in January 2013, will be responding to Ashton Kutcher's divorce papers

“After over a year of attempting to reach a settlement, Demi is definitely ready to move on,” the source added. “It’s hoped lawyers for both sides can reach a settlement this spring, otherwise the divorce will go into litigation and trial.” Demi is apparently “healthy and happy,” which is a vast improvement on a year ago, when she was hospitalized after collapsing at a party at her house. She “just wants to move on with her life.” A court case, however, could really get in the way of that happening.