There have been a variety of conflicting reports about whether Demi Moore is suffering under the great weight of jealousy about Ashton Kutcher's loved-up relationship with fellow 'That 70s Show' Star Mila Kunis. Entertainment Weekly thinks she's over him and happy, having stepped into the public eye briefly at a charity gala, but the Huffington Post, ABC News and Fox News are both adamant that jealousy is ruling her life right now.

According to ABC news, People magazine have reported that a source, close to the Ghost actress, has said that Demi is not coping well, and “not in a good frame of mind” due to being so “jealous and frustrated.” Entertainment Wise, however, report that she looked “healthy and happy” at the GEMS Girls Like Us Benefit Gala. GEMS is a charity that is dedicated to helping sexually exploited and trafficked girls. However, her sting in rehab and her hospitalization for inhaling a drug that is normally frequented by teenagers, suggests quite the opposite.

Many of Demi's friends are equally unconvinced that she's feeling totally better. One source said; “There’s no part of [Demi] that’s saying, ‘Mila Kunis is so beautiful and young, this is so humiliating,’ What was humiliating was having her husband cheat on her in such a public way.”And understandably so. After a 6 year marriage between Kutcher and Moore- a marriage that is still technically legal, the divorce having not yet been finalised, it's no wonder that Moore is still suffering. A break-up will always hit one person harder than the other, and in this case it's Demi Moore that got the bad end of the stick. So, in answer to how jealous Demi Moore is? We'd say probably a very normal amount.