Demi Moore has lost more than $200,000 in designer clothing after burglars broke into her storage unit. The 52-year-old actress had a large quantity of clothes stored in the unit in North Hollywood but only a few select pieces have been taken. The burglars certainly had good taste as they reportedly picked out the most expensive items and left others.

Demi MooreDemi Moore's storage unit was reportedly broken into and her clothes stolen.

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It is uncertain when the break in occurred but one of Moore's assistants checked the unit on Monday (4th May) and discovered some of the clothes were missing. Prior to Moore's assistant checking in, no one had been in the unit in more than six months and the burglary may have even occurred before then. 

As TMZ reports, there were no visible signs of a break in and the unit's lock was intact. The website suggests someone with knowledge of the unit, or one of its employees, may be responsible for the heist. 

A representative for the storage company, speaking to People, refused to discuss the matter. "We do not comment on tenants' units for security purposes," the representative said. 

It is not yet certain how many clothes of Moore's have been stolen and she is reportedly creating an itemised list to present to the police. It seems unlikely the culprit (or culprits) will be caught as surveillance at the unit does not go back as far as six months, the time period in which the theft could have occurred. 

$200,000 is small change for Moore who has just sold her huge New York penthouse apartment for $75 million. As the NY Times reports, the 14 bedroom apartment, in the famous San Remo building in Manhattan, was purchased in 1990 by Moore and her then husband, Bruce Willis

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