Demi Moore has allegedly lost $200,000 worth of high end clothing in a bizarre robbery. The goods were taken from Moore’s storage unit in North Hollywood, but the exact date of the crime is unknown. According to the LAPD’s report, cited by E! News, the storage unit was discovered burglarized and the property missing, when Moore’s assistant stopped by on Monday.

Demi Moore
The exact items that were taken are yet unknown.

The details of the crime might prove difficult to pinpoint, as the storage unit had not been visited in six months and the actress is yet to determine the exact missing items.

 Authorities will not disclose the type of items taken, with the exception of saying the property is personal. An unnamed source allegedly told E! News that $200,000 worth of high-end designer clothing was stolen, but beyond that, few details have been released.

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Additionally, the source tells E! News that a lock on the unit, managed by the company Public Storage, was "fully intact." The source also believes only Moore’s team and the storage facility had keys to the unit. According to E! News, there has been no response from the company, Public Storage.

The plot thickens. An investigation is underway. Watch this space to find out more as the story develops.