It’s no secret that Demi Moore went through a pretty hellish time breaking up with her husband Ashton Kutcher, after allegedly discovering that he’d cheated on her. The traumatic ordeal ended up with Demi being hospitalized after collapsing at a party at her home. Her recovery was a lengthy one but now that things are on the up, it seems as though Demi wants to make it quite clear to Ashton that she’s over him and taking charge of her life again.

So how’s she doing that? Well, we already know that Demi is reportedly digging her heels in over the divorce and making Ashton jump through more hoops than a circus lion to get the papers signed and sealed. More recently, though, we’ve discovered that Demi’s playing a spot of one-upmanship with Ashton when it comes to dating. Ashton might be dating his former co-star and Hollywood starlet Mila Kunis, but Demi’s responded swiftly and is thought to be dating the 26 year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel. That’s got to get Ashton riled, right? Watching his ex-wife dating someone even younger than him (and let’s face it, their age gap raised enough eyebrows, itself).

Demi and Vito reportedly met at a birthday party held for Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend Vladimir Doronin, in Jodhpur, India, where they were indulging in a spot of dirty dancing together, according to MTV. They could well be the perfect match; Demi’s clearly got toy-boy tendencies and Vito’s no stranger to the older woman, having dated Elle Macpherson when he was 21 and she was 44.