Demi Moore made her public return on Tuesday (April 17, 2012), stepping out to support her friend Amanda De Cadenet at the launch of her new show 'The Conversation', which Demi executive produces. It's the first time Moore has made a red-carpet appearance since completing her stint in rehabilitation and reaction was mixed.
The UK's Daily Mirror claimed the actress still looks "worryingly skinny", adding, "Even standing near Official Skinny Type Rachel Zoe couldn't disguise her tiny frame". Though the Hollywood star appeared somewhat nervous in front of the cameras, her waistline doesn't appear to have shrunk dramatically, though the Mirror were unconvinced, adding, "Despite also being out with Rachel Zoe - the fashion designer that became synonymous with the super skinny trend - Demi still looks absolutely tiny. Seriously, her face could probably fit in our palm". The appearance came after Demi also made a return to Twitter - the micro blogging site that she used regularly before her marriage breakdown. The 49-year-old still uses her old Mrs Kutcher handle, though she asked followers this week, "Time for a change, twitter name change ... any suggestions?". British journalist turned television presenter Piers Morgan was amongst the first to replying, suggesting, "Mrs Morgan", which Demi laughed off, insisting the name was already taken.