Denis Leary has hit back at a little-known comedian who has accused the star of stealing material from late cult funnyman Bill Hicks.

Joe Rogan, host of American TV series THE MAN SHOW, has slammed both Leary and Robin Williams for using scripts and jokes belonging to other comedians during their stand-up routine.

Rogan spits, "Leary stole material from Bill Hicks. It's pretty common knowledge among comedians. Williams stole a lot of material too. I have seen comics leave clubs when he walks in."

Although MRS DOUBTFIRE star Williams has refused to comment on the accusations, Leary has rubbished Rogan's remarks and attacked him for concentrating too much on other people's careers and not enough on his own.

He says, "If Joe Rogan knows of a way to steal enough material to fill an hour-long special, tell him to let me know so I can stop working my a** off.

"And if he spent more time worrying about his own career, maybe he'd have a job that doesn't involve watching ex-bartenders eating worms."

01/10/2003 17:13