Denise Richards and her husband ''take one weekend a month'' away from her daughters.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star - who has kids Sam, 16, Lola Rose, 15, from her previous marriage to Charlie Sheen and later adopted Eloise Joni when she was a single parent - has revealed how she and Aaron Phypers ''reconnect'' in their relationship.

Speaking to author Rachel Hollis on Quibi, she said: ''We go to a hotel, where it's just us.

''We have our adult time, and I think it's a very important thing for any couple to [know] it's okay to reconnect and not feel guilty having your household taken care of.''

The 49-year-old star also opened up on the importance of not being afraid to ask for help, as she admitted she couldn't ''do everything'' on her own.

Writer Rachel - who has four kids with her estranged husband Dave - said: ''I have a nanny. I could not do this work [without one], one million percent.

''I have an incredible co-parent. There's no way that I could do these things if I didn't have help -- if I didn't ask for help.

''And I just feel like it's so important to have that conversation, because most people don't say that.''

Denise agreed, adding: ''There's a lot we can do ourselves but I can't do everything on my own and it actually makes me a better parent, having the help.''

And the author insisted it is ''really powerful'' to let people know how vital it is to focus on self care while doing the best for ''your family''.

She told Denise: ''I totally agree. And I think it's a really powerful thing for women to tell other women, 'Hey, this is okay. You have to take care of yourself, you have to take care of your family.' ''