Saving Private Ryan star Dennis Farina wants to give the Catholic Church a movie makeover by playing a good priest.
The actor, who was raised a Catholic, admits he's tired of religious film characters being portrayed as monsters and sex fiends and he'd like to show the positive side of the faith.
The Snatch star tells WENN, "I've always had a desire to play a priest, maybe because of my Catholic background. I want to play a good priest. I think we've had enough with bad priests. That didn't bode well for us.
"In my experiences with priests and Roman Catholic clergy, it has always been wonderful. In grammar school I had the nuns, in high school I had the brothers and the priests. I got the occasional ruler on the hand but certainly none of the inappropriate things that was going on; I never even heard of anything like that.
"Plus, my dear, dear friend is a priest so I would like to go the positive route for him."