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19th November 2016

Quote: "Urban Cowboy was written for me and I actually read with Debra Winger, and John decided he wanted to do it and that was it. That would have been my big break... but John was great." Dennis Quaid reveals John Travolta's role in hit 1980 movie Urban Cowboy was originally written for him.

13th November 2015

Quote: "Sam Brukner is just a fun guy to play. Usually, (with) the parts I play, it's like three in the morning in Eastern Europe and I'm up to my waist in mud, and it's supposed to be summer... (Here), I get to wear nice suits, you get on jet planes, nice restaurants." Dennis Quaid likes his new, ruthless auction house boss character in new TV series The Art of More.

14th May 2013

Fact: Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis' drama Vegas and long-running forensics hit Csi: Ny have been cancelled by Tv executives at U.S. network CBS.

23rd April 2013

Quote: "I've sort of lost touch with the clowns. A few of the clowns have passed on. We lost a couple on the job." Actor Dennis Quaid hasn't kept in touch with his former clown co-workers at AstroWorld in Houston, Texas.

20th February 2013

Quote: "I get to use my own horse - and he gets paid." Dennis Quaid on riding his own horse in U.S. Tv drama Vegas.

20th February 2013

Quote: Actor Dennis Quaid spent three summers as a clown at AstroWorld in Houston, Texas in the 1970s.

14th December 2012

Quote: "They think daddy's job is to be on the side of buses and on posters and billboards." Dennis Quaid's five-year-old twins are not sure what he does for a living.

28th October 2012

Quote: "Lately I've been cycling... I'm wearing the Lycra and all that stuff. I used to drive down the street in L.A. and see these people (cyclists) and say, 'They're the silliest things I've seen in my life' - and now I'm one of them. I've got those little shorts." Actor Dennis Quaid is not a fan of the skintight clothing he has to wear when he goes cycling.

20th September 2012

Quote: "Lindsay was, like, 11 (and) she was a very self-aware, smart kid who could act effortlessly. It's just a chapter of her story, what she's been going through over the past (few) years. It's not what one expected, but Lindsay's story is not over." Dennis Quaid is convinced his The Parent Trap co-star will rebound from her troubles and become a great actress.

28th February 2012

Fact: Actor Dennis Quaid will show off his musical talents at ZooMontana's WinterFest on 24 March (12) in a bid to raise money for animal conservation and education efforts. The Day After Tomorrow star and his band The Sharks will perform alongside a number of local acts.

16th February 2012

Fact: Jennifer Aniston is in talks to play Dennis Quaid's wife in an upcoming movie adaptation of author Elmore Leonard's kidnap novel Switch, reports If she signs on, the former Friends star will portray Mickey Dawson, who is kidnapped and held for ransom by two ex-cons.

21st October 2011

Fact: Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid is moving out of his sprawling ranch in Montana - he's placed the property on the market for $14 million (£8.75 million). The star purchased the Paradise Valley home, which boasts four guest houses and horse stables, in the 1980s from director Sam Peckinpah and actor Warren Oates.

10th April 2011

Quote: "I love my brother. That's all I can say. I love my brother and I miss my brother. That's all I'm going to say." Hollywood star Dennis Quaid refuses to elaborate on his feelings about his brother Randy's legal troubles. His sibling has been on the run from U.S. authorities with his wife Evi after a string of arrests and the couple is currently laying low in Canada.

27th May 2010

Quote: "I put on about 35 pounds. I went to MCDonald's quite a bit and I'd order, like, (meal specials) one through five." Dennis Quaid on how he piled on the pounds to play President Bill Clinton in TV movie The Special Relationship.

16th December 2009

Fact: Toymakers Hasbro have created a one-off G.I. Joe character based on comedienne Ellen Degeneres to thank her for her support of children's charities. The talk show host was presented with her action figure by G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra star Dennis Quaid on her daytime show on Wednesday (16Dec09).

12th September 2009

Fact: Dennis Quaid was offered the role of LUKE DUKE in the DUKES OF HAZZARD TV series but turned it down. Tom Wopat eventually landed the part.

9th November 2008

Fact: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake weren't the only stars on show at Madonna's Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Thursday night (06Nov08) - Heidi Klum, Rita Wilson, Jennifer Lopez, Dennis Quaid and Hayden Panettiere were among the fans in the audience. Madonna's kids Rocco and Lourdes watched the show from the side of the stage.

26th May 2008

Quote: "As I grow older, I put all life's bulls**t aside. I think the process of the laying off of the bulls**t starts around 40. Before that, most men have their heads stuck in their ass. After 40, you see things differently. You've found yourself. You're accepting yourself and what you got from life." Actor Dennis Quaid is happy with life at the age of 54.

19th May 2008

Quote: "A big popcorn type of tent-pole action movie. It's not deep. Action and cleavage." Actor Dennis Quaid is honest about his upcoming film G.I. Joe.

11th May 2008

Quote: "I look like Dennis Quaid's INNER SPACE action figure, circa 1995, which is an upgrade for me. They just redressed those Inner Space toys and stuck my head on it." Actor Emile Hirsch on his SPEED RACER action figure.

3rd April 2008

Quote: "It's really kind of silly, best celebrity golfer." Dennis Quaid is a little embarrassed by the sporting title given to him by a golfing magazine last year (07).

28th March 2008

Quote: "(They're) fantastic. Their progress and their development appears to be completely normal - aside from being a Quaid." Actor Dennis Quaid jokes about the health of his baby twins ZOE and BOONE. The newborns suffered a health scare when they were just days old after doctors at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center accidentally gave them a drug overdose.

13th March 2008

Fact: Dennis Quaid makes a cameo appearance in pal Meat Loaf's new concert film IN SEARCH OF PARADISE, joining him onstage for a cover of GLORIA.

25th February 2008

Quote: "I wind up in the emergency room often... I think it's because I'm really clumsy. I'd like to think it's because I'm really taking these daring chances." Movie star Dennis Quaid on his efforts to perform his own stunts.

20th February 2008

Quote: "The one thing that really came out of that for me, after a very horrific two weeks, is that I will never take another day for granted in my life, because, if they hadn't made it, I never would have had another happy day in my life." Dennis Quaid is grateful his twin babies survived after doctors accidentally gave them 1,000 times the normal 10-unit dose of blood-thinning drug Heparin.

19th February 2008

Quote: "I have no clue why someone would want the job of a secret service agent because I can't think of anyone I would take a bullet for other than my kids." Dennis Quaid on playing a secret service agent in new film VANTAGE POINT.

19th February 2008

Quote: "I had a DRAGONHEART action figure. I don't know if it's actually still sitting around the house anymore. Those things all wind up in some kind of place in the box with the head off." Dennis Quaid on his missing Dragonheart action figure.

25th October 2006

Fact: Sarah Jessica Parker has replaced The Mummy star Rachel Weisz in new comedy SMART PEOPLE The SEX + The City star will team up with Dennis Quaid and SIDEWAYS star THOMAS HAYDEN-CHURCH in the film, about a doctor who falls for a bitter widower

12th October 2006

Fact: Travis Barker's ex-wife and Paris Hilton's nemesis SHANNA MOAKLER dated actor Dennis Quaid in 2001 and rocker Billy Idol in the 1990s.

21st April 2006

Fact: Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan's teenage son JACK has landed his first lead acting role in a school production of Tom Jones.

17th April 2006

Quote: "I hope I don't get audited." Dennis Quaid hopes PRESIDENT George W Bush doesn't take offence to his portrayal of the US leader in new movie AMERICAN DREAMZ.

28th November 2005

Quote: <p>"We had 18 kids and then we have 18 stand-ins for the 18 kids, a couple of dogs, a pig - it was a circus. It was like sort of being the director at a rehab clinic." Dennis Quaid on playing a father to 18 kids in new movie YOurs, MINE + OURS. </p>

23rd November 2005

Quote: <p>"The second night I was in Hollywood 30 years ago I went walking down Hollywood Boulevard and looked at all the stars on the street there. I went, 'Who the hell is that?' and now people can say the same thing about me. I'm in between Meryl Streep and WOODY WOODPECKER. I don't know what that says about my career." Actor Dennis Quaid on the location of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. </p>

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