Denzel Washington narrowly avoided a very awkward moment at the Golden Globes, when he hurriedly identified his date as his daughter. He was trying to avoid Ryan Seacrest introducing his 22 year-old daughter as his wife Pauletta (who normally accompanies Denzel to awards ceremonies). Luckily for Denzel, Ryan was on the ball and quickly responds that he was just about to ask who the date was.

Unfortunately, Ryan’s patter seemed to be thrown off course and he then asked, very hurriedly, ‘who’ she was wearing (i.e. which designer) and Denzel’s daughter Olivia mispronounced the name of the label, apologising that her French was not very good. Denzel, who was clutching his daughter’s hand the entire time, then said “she’s an aspiring actress,” to which no reply was given, other than Olivia looking pretty awkward and embarrassed. Denzel’s daughter was making a rare public appearance with her father; she’s one of four children (along with John David, Katia and Olivia’s twin brother Malcolm.)

Still, it’s definitely not the most embarrassing red carpet moment ever. Joan Rivers once managed to confuse Anthony Hopkins’ wife Jennifer Lynton for his mother in a cringeworthy case of mistaken identity. Luckily Seacrest is a dab-hand when it comes to live TV and thinking on his feet and managed to avoid making it a embarrassing family night out. 

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