The Equalizer, a thriller starring Denzel Washington conquered the North American box off after yet another slow weekend. Washington plays a man, who helps rescue a young girl from the clutches of Russian gangsters. With Antoine Fuqua directing, the film plays like classic Washington fare – stylish, violent and effective in delivering a simple point, just like its protagonist.

The Equalizer Poster
Denzel Washington is the equalizer in yet another violent justice fantasy flick.

But enough about that, let’s show some love to the competition that The Equalizer bumped off. The latest YA dystopian adaptation, The Maze Runner, dropped to second place, checking in at $17,5 million in North American weekend earnings, according to Box Office Mojo. This brings the film – a story about teenagers, who wake up to find themselves stranded in the middle of a creature-infested maze – to a two-week domestic gross of $58 million.

Watch The Maze Runner trailer below.