Sir Derek Jacobi fears he'll never act on stage again.

The 83-year-old 'Cadfael' star began his career in the National Theatre in the 1960s and went on to become one of the UK's most prolific stage stars, performing both in London's West End and on Broadway as well as with the Royal Shakespeare Company - but Derek doubts he will ever tread the boards again.

His last turn on stage was as Mercutio in a production of 'Romeo and Juliet' directed by Kenneth Branagh in 2016, and he has admitted it was a terrifying experience, telling the Guardian: "Toward the end, I would stand in the wings, terrified. Really frightened of going on. And that had been my life, you know? I suddenly got nervous. I wasn’t in control. And I thought: no. I can’t do my best like that, and an audience would pick up on it immediately."

Derek went on to insist it might end up being his last ever stage performance as he now finds it more comfortable to work in TV and film.

He added: "I’ve got a feeling I won’t be on stage again. It’s not stage fright exactly. But I’m not comfortable like I used to be. And it’s far easier to do telly and films.

"They throw money at you for very little, and you get to do it until you do it right.”

Asked how he feels knowing he may not go on stage again, he said: “Regretful. I do miss it. Whatever ‘it’ was, it’s faded.”