Veteran British thespian Sir Derek Jacobi has vowed he will never retire from acting, despite battling "gut-rotting" stage fright before every performance.
The King's Speech star, who has appeared on stage, TV and film during his six-decade career, admits his chosen profession can be stressful - and he even snubbed theatre roles for two years due to his nerves.
But the 73 year old insists he would rather continue working or "simply fade away" than bow out of the spotlight and retire.
He tells the Bbc, "Actors don't often retire, they simply fade away or, if they're lucky, carry on with a new range of parts... You do get wound up - you get stressed every time you go on - and that never gets any better. I think that gets worse the older or more successful you are.
"That gut-rotting terror before you walk onto the stage never leaves you. I can understand it (wanting to retire). But I would never do it. Acting is so much part of my life."