Described as a "hero," the doctor who helped save the man hanging from a lighting rig during one of illusionist/hypnotist Derren Brown's live shows at London's Palace Theatre, has spoken about his experiences to the Evening Standard.

Derren Brown
No One Could Have Foreseen The Shocking Accident After Derren Brown's Show.

Doctor James Richardson of Islington had been watching Saturday's (3rd Aug) performance of Derren Brown's 'Infamous' show with his wife when the unnerving and unplanned accident happened. Richardson, 32, spoke of how he saw a man, thought to be French, "fall from the sky" as the audience began to leave the grand circle. The man then proceeded to collide with a female audience member and land semi-conscious on a metal lighting rig 30ft above the ground.

"There was a bang and the guy just went over the edge onto this 18in piece of metal and he was clawing onto the edge of it. One guy dived over and grabbed his arm, and then me and Lewis jumped over the seats and grabbed his chest and waist and hauled him back. It was very Hollywood-esque. He had pretty much lost his grip when the guy's hand grabbed onto him just in time," he explained.

Derren Brown
Derren Brown Has Tweeted His Confusion As To How The Fall Occurred.

The man was pulled to safety and was thankfully not gravely injured after his 15ft (4.5m) fall. The doctor, who checked him over, described the falling man's condition: "He was moving his arms and legs and talking. If he had fallen he would not have made it." He also waited with him until an ambulance arrived.

Derren Brown tweeted to let the world in on the "terrifying" event that disrupted the end of his show: "Tonight a woman pushed her hubby as a joke from the front of the balcony. He fell and caught the upper circle on the way down, and was hanging from it. He's fine, but what a finale. Sending best thoughts to him & wife, terrifying.

Derren Brown
Despite Supposedly Being Able To Read Others' Minds, Derren Brown Couldn't Predict The Balcony Fall.

The Palace Theatre warns its guests that those who are uncomfortable with heights or have limited mobility should avoid sitting in the highest tier, 45ft (13.7m) up, where the unidentified man and his wife - thought to have pushed him - were seated. Brown tweeted his confusion and dismay at the events of the end of his show: "Been up to balcony of Palace Theatre - can't work out how chap managed to get over edge. Front is 4 ft - v high. What were they up to?"

The British performer made his name as a talented illusionist and hypnotist with appearances on stage and TV. In his 'Infamous' show, he reportedly uses psychological manipulation on random members of his audience in order to convince people to take part in stunts.