Sum 41 star Deryck Whibley was hospitalised for more than a month after years of hard-boozing left him close to death.

Taking to his official website on Friday (16May14), the rocker uploaded a series of shocking snaps of him in a hospital bed, with others showing cuts and bruises up his arms, seemingly from where doctors had put him on a drip and taken blood.

In a heartfelt message to fans, he reveals he has been under medics' care for several weeks after his body finally succumbed to years of alcoholism, resulting in his liver and kidneys collapsing.

He writes, "I've been very sick in the hospital for a month and was pretty sick for a few weeks leading up to my trip to the hospital. the reason i got so sick is from all the hard boozing i've been doing over the years. it finally caught up to me. i was drinking hard every day. until one night. i was sitting at home, poured myself another drink around mid night and was about to watch a movie when all of a sudden i didn't feel so good. i then collapsed to the ground unconscious.

"My fiance (sic) got me rushed to the hospital where they put me into the intensive care unit. i was stuck with needles and i.v.'s (drips) all over. i was completely sedated the First Week. when i finally woke up the next day i had no idea where i was. my mum and step dad were standing over me. i was so freaked out. my liver and kidney's (sic) collapsed on me. needless to say it scared me straight. i finally realized i can't drink anymore."

The star has since been warned he could die if he has just one more alcoholic drink.

He adds, "If i have one drink the doc's say i will die. i'm not preaching or anything but just always drink responsibly. i didn't, and look where that got me."

The 34 year old was previously married to Avril Lavigne. They divorced in 2010. The identity of Whibley's current fiancee is not known.