Desperate Housewives beauties Eva Longoria and Nicolette Sheridan are beginning to feel over-exposed.

The ABC show won an army of fans upon it's debut last year (04), when many TV audiences were looking for a show to replace the void left by Friends, Frasier and Sex And The City.

Despite loving their new A-list status, Longoria and Sheridan admit they're worried the public will get sick of seeing their faces.

Longoria, who plays bored trophy wife Gabrielle Solis, says, "We feel a little overexposed right now. We are trying to cut back, but it's hard when VOGUE and Vanity Fair are asking us to shoot for them."

When asked by US gossip columnist Ted Casablanca about the possibility of a big screen version on the TV hit, Sheridan replies, "I think people are inundated enough with Desperate Housewives - the television series - that the movie could really put them over the edge."

Longoria adds, "I can't even think that far."

01/02/2005 13:49