After a show-stopping half-time show at this year’s Super Bowl, what exactly does the future hold for Destiny’s Child? They’ve admitted that their new track ‘Nuclear’ was recorded in a hurry. Will they be trying to make amends by spending a bit more time in the recording studio and trying to better their back catalogue with a new slew of songs? Or was Beyonce merely using Michelle and Kelly as pawns in a bid to build the hype around her post-baby career and Super Bowl performance?

The bulk of the hype surrounding Beyonce (ok, putting aside all the lip-sync nonsense) was over whether or not the band would reunite for the performance. We all knew they would, of course and they did a terrible job of pretending otherwise but the build-up was half the fun. When it came to the actual performance, though, there was no pretending who the real star of the show was. Whilst Beyonce oozed sass and confidence, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams showed the nerves of two performers unused to performing to such a huge audience (let’s not forget the TV viewers at home, let alone those in the stadium) and ended up looking like little more than Beyonce’s hand-picked backing dancers / vocalists. Does Beyonce really need a Destiny’s Child reunion? We think not.

Looking at Beyonce’s recently announced tour dates, she’ll be heading off in a few weeks to start the tour on April 15 and won’t be done until August. The pop world is unforgiving and has a short memory - much of the Destiny’s Child reunion hype will have died down by then. Plus, as career driven as she clearly is, she will most likely want a bit of quality time with Blue Ivy and Jay Z once she’s done shaking her thighs all across the globe. Fun though that reunion was, we don’t think Kelly and Michelle should sit waiting for Bey’s call for too long.