Dev Patel once accidentally punched girlfriend Freida Pinto in the face.

The 26-year-old beauty took a blow from Dev, 20, while the couple were promoting 'Slumdog Millionaire' - the multiple Oscar-winning movie that brought the pair together in 2008.

Freida explained: "The only two people who can understand what happened on 'Slumdog' are the two of us. Even our families, who appreciate and support us, are still on the outside and that is why we hold it so very dear to our hearts.

"Small things bring so much joy to us, like when we were first doing the interviews. There was one time when Dev punched me in my face by mistake!"

However, the Mumbai-born actress revealed she wasn't the only object of Dev's attention on the set of the film, as he used to flirt with everybody.

She added: "He had this typical British sense of humour, which is a funny, sexual kind of humour. He would flirt with everybody on the set - he'd just go up to all the Women and say, 'You're looking very sexy today.'

"And they would get really happy because here was this boy trying to be a man, and trying to flirt with grown-up women."