Elizabeth Olsen's style icons are Diane Keaton and Katherine Hepburn.

The 22-year-old actress - whose sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley run their own successful fashion empire - sometimes gets advice from her fashionable siblings but admitted her inspiration comes from the stars who are known for their tailored style.

She said: "I always love Diane Keaton and Katherine Hepburn.

"[Mary-Kate and Ashley always tell me] to always feel comfortable. Their advice is just like, kind of focus on your work and not let anything else come between you and what you want to do and who you are. We don't actually talk about work much, but they're just great people and supportive and inspiring and creative."

Although Elizabeth loves shopping she admitted she sometimes finds it a chore and often gives unwanted clothes away.

She PEOPLE: "I like shopping, but I have to be in a mood. I'm very lazy, I never return anything. I usually try to find someone else who's going to want it."