Diane Kruger may be forced to get inked after losing a bet in regards to her new movie's success at the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival. She bet against 'Into the Fade' making it to competition, which it did - and then some. Well, a wager is a wager!

Diane Kruger at Cannes Film FestivalDiane Kruger at Cannes Film Festival

'The Bridge' star made a bet with award-winning director Fatih Akin ('Head-On', 'The Edge of Heaven') that their revenge thriller 'In the Fade' wouldn't reach the competition list for Cannes this year. She agreed to get a tattoo of an achor somewhere on her body if she wrong, and not only was it nominated for the Palme d'Or prize but Diane Kruger also took home the Best Actress award.

She explained the situation to AFP when the movie was announced for Cannes, and confessed that the Hamburg tattoo studio she would go to is 'not far from where I live'. 

As far as we know, Diane hasn't got any tattoos so far. In fact, she has said previously that she doesn't find them 'hot'; she better change her outlook on that pretty quick if she has to get this one. Though given that she had such a good time playing Katja Sekerci, a tattooed warrior of a woman, in the movie, maybe she does see body art differently now.

The movie follows a woman who loses both her husband and her young son in the most brutal way possible; when a group of neo-Nazi terrorists bombed them. She embarks on a journey of violent revenge in her grief and, needless to say, Diane is excellent in the tough-girl role. 

Diane is also set to star in a forthcoming French movie called 'Tout nous sépare', as well as John Kennedy Toole biopic 'Butterfly in the Typewriter' and transgender drama 'JT Leroy' from Justin Kelly which will also star Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern.

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'Into The Fade' will be released in theatres on November 23rd 2017.