Diane Kruger thinks too much make-up is tacky.

The actress-and-model isn't a fan of the overly made-up look many girls favour in the States and thinks less is more when it comes to getting dolled up for a big night out.

She told France's GLAMOUR magazine: ''You can't have a fancy dress and massive hair as well as a face plastered full of make-up on a night out. In the US, girls do way too much! It ages them by 10 years.''

While the 37-year-old blonde favours simple yet sophisticated clothes, she isn't afraid to experiment with bold colours when it comes to her make-up, even if her long-term boyfriend Joshua Jackson doesn't always approve.

The German-born beauty said: ''I'm willing to try everything when it comes to make-up! From turquoise eye-liner to bright blue metallic eye shadow. I worse some during a minibreak to Mexico recently, but my boyfriend didn't really get it... It's more of a girl thing.

''Otherwise, I love Chanel's blue mascara. It's cool to wear for a festival like Coachella, for example.''

Diane also revealed the secret to her flawless complexion is actually basic Nivea moisturiser rather than expensive designer creams.

She quipped: ''Ever since I was little, I've used Nivea cream for my body, it's my staple. It's easy to use, cheap, and you can find it everywhere in the world.''