Diane Kruger wants to have children with her boyfriend Joshua Jackson.

The 35-year-year-old actress-and-model doesn't want to marry the 33-year-old actor because of the bad experience she had with her ex-husband Guillaume Canet but she is keen to start a family with Joshua.

She said: "I'm over marriage. No marriage for me. But I definitely want to have kids. I have three goddaughters - I'm not sure why they trust me, because I have no experience with children - but I try. One of my goddaughters is in London and Josh and I love London. When we go, I take her to the park, the zoo and [the toy shop] Hamleys."

Diane and Joshua recently celebrated their fifth anniversary by going to Paris, France, for a romantic break.

The 'Inglourious Basterds' star believes the secret to their successful relationship is that they give each other the space they need for their careers but also make sure they dedicate time to each other.

In an interview with the October issue of InStyle magazine, she said: "Life is more important than work. We just celebrated our fifth anniversary. We met up in Paris, gave each other gifts and went to dinner - it was just lovely being together.

"It's hard sustaining relationships at a distance, but if you want to be together it comes down to that ... We have the three week rule - we have to see each other, otherwise you drift. But we also enjoy our independence. We have our own lives and have a lot to bring back into the relationship because of that. I'm very independent. I'm not sure how I'd deal with someone who wanted to be with me 24/7."