Actress Diane Lane is contemplating quitting acting for good - because she is sick of the bland movie roles she is offered.
The actress wants to ditch her nice girl persona and take on something challenging, but keeps missing out on the roles she really wants.
Lane, currently promoting romantic comedy Nights in Rodanthe, tells Moviefone, "This film is the last film, and by that I could mean it in any way. It's the last one I did, and it's the last one I'm gonna do for a while, and it's the last one I have in the can ... and then we'll see."
She adds of her casting frustrations, "Basically, the job I want to do next has already been done, by Anjelica Huston in The Grifters. I am gunning for something that's not so sympathetic. I need to be a b**ch, and I need to be in a comedy. I've decided. No more Miss Nice Guy."
But she admits she faces a battle with her agent if she really wants to walk away from Hollywood to devote time to her daughter and two stepkids with husband Josh Brolin.
She continues: "I can't do anything official. My agents won't let me. Between you and me, I don't have anything else coming out, and I'm just gonna be taking my kids to driving school and making sure they don't cause any trainwrecks with their texting."