Diane Sawyer rumors have been swirling for weeks, with the New York Daily News quoting a "source" close to the anchor of ABC World News as saying she would be calling it a day in 2013. "She has discussed with a few close friends and some people at ABC that she is seriously considering retiring," said the insider.

Sawyer has reportedly discussed the matter with a few close friends and some of the head honchos at ABC and is said to be "seriously considering retiring." The rumors may be linked to Sawyer's caring of her ill mother. "No one wants to see her going through a rough time. She's the nicest woman. If it's a co-worker's birthday, she'll throw a party. Anything to show everyone a good time," said the source. The veteran anchor - who previously helmed ABC's Good Morning America - is perhaps best known for her interview with Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples, asking her "Was it really the best sex you ever had?" Sawyer has also sat down with the likes of Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Whitney Houston, President Obama and shooting victim Gabby Gifford. Her apparent slurring during her recent Election Night coverage prompted the launch of a mock Twitter account, Drunk Diane Sawyer. 

A representative for ABC denies Sawyer's retirement, saying, "That's a bunch of nonsense as we made clear and Diane's plans for 2013 haven't changed in any way."

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