The gossip website TMZ has posted a video of a much younger Diane Sawyer drinking wine and swallowing pills on the set of the ABC News magazine Primetime Live as she waits either to record a segment or to appear live on camera. (For many years the show was broadcast live.) TMZ did not indicate how it obtained the video, which is labeled Diane Sawyer Westar-1. In the video, Sawyer also talks about an unnamed woman to someone off-camera. Too bad she's crazy, she remarks, then makes a gesture indicating that the woman she's referring to snorts cocaine. The whole stuff, she says. Sawyer's election-night performance, in which she seemed to be drunk, has been one of the most discussed subjects on Twitter since Wednesday. Sawyer has declined to comment on the barbs, but ABC executives emphatically deny that she was drunk, insisting that she was tired from intensive preparation for the election broadcast. Meanwhile, Conan O'Brien on Thursday presented a hilarious montage of numerous analysts and commentators from other networks appearing just as sloshed as Sawyer.