Review of Girl Who Got Away Album by Dido

As far as exposure opportunities go, having the world's most talked-about rapper sample your work is hard to top.  'Stan' was the catalyst for Eminem becoming a megastar, but the effect it had for a then unknown Dido wasn't too shabby either:  29 million album sales since make any other facts unnecessary.

Dido Girl Who Got Away Album

Album four sees the songstress once again collaborate with her brother Rollo Armstrong of Faithless, a move that his electronic influences apparent on songs such as the title track and 'Let Us Move On', which features Kendrick Lamar.  Unfortunately, neither features the hooks or beats that had her brother's acts filling dance floors, instead trudging on in a pedestrian manner.  Still, they are better than the embarrassing verses of 'Blackbird', a number that would have been skipped had it not been unfair to review something not heard in full.  Much of Dido's past success is owed to her soft yet powerful vocal style and it is when she marries this to a similar soundscape that you remember why she sold so many records.  'No Freedom' and 'Sitting On The Roof Of The World' give her the platform to sweep you away, even when she is being melancholic as is the case on the former.  This approach isn't a guarantee of success though and by the time 'Day Before We Went To War' draws to a close the album has been a gruelling listen.  Slim Shady will be disappointed if he was looking for another sample to incorporate.

Alex Lai

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