Dido loved feeling her baby kick when she was recording her new album.

The 'No Freedom' star has two-year-old son Stanley with her husband Rohan Gavin and enjoyed feeling him move while recording 'Girl Who Got Away'.

She told The Independent newspaper: ''I absolutely loved singing pregnant. Usually in the vocal booth it's quite lonely. You're singing away and everyone else is on the other side of the window.

''But I loved [Stanley] kicking away to the rhythm. It was just so nice having a little mate moving around in there with him. It felt really special.''

Dido, 41, also hope the tracks from the sessions have stuck with Stanley since his birth.

She added: ''When he was just a few weeks old [those songs] were the sounds that would calm him down the most. I truly believe he heard me singing them.''

The singer may not have plans to go out on the road just yet, but if she does, she would not go out on road unless her son came with her.

She admitted: ''I'm really not sure if I'm going to tour yet. I've only got half a band together at the moment.

''But if I did go on tour Stanley would definitely come with me. It would be too weird not to. He's pretty cool, adaptable kid and he loves playing the drums. He'd have a blast at soundcheck.''