Dido's music is popular in war zones.

The singer says she's had many messages of support from people trapped in places of armed hostility, particularly for her new track 'No Freedom'.

She told BBC News she has inadvertently become ''the sound of modern conflict'' getting many ''letters from people who are in the middle of a war''.

She added: ''The whole thing sounds quite unreal to me. Is that going to make you fight properly?

''Maybe you want something else. Like AC/DC?''

'No Freedom's chorus line repeats the words ''no freedom without love,'' which has struck a chord with many in countries such as Syria, which is currently embroiled in civil war.

She added: ''There's even videos now from Syria. It's pretty amazing, I certainly wasn't writing about that.

''But when you write an intensely personal lyric, the thing that often surprises you is that it's about most things for other people.''

The song was, like many of the tracks on Dido's latest album, 'Girl Who Got Away' originally penned before she gave birth to her first son, Stanley, in 2011, and she was still recording vocal tracks right up until she gave birth.

Of the recording process, she added: ''There's nothing nicer than singing and having a little dancing friend inside.

''Certain songs he really wriggled around for, and certain songs he wouldn't - it was quite a good test of what should go on the record.''

'Girl Who Got Away' is released on March 4.