The Drunk On A Plane hitmaker was driving his Jeep when he ran out of gas due to a malfunctioning fuel gauge.

As he waited for help, Bentley decided to update his followers live by posting photos of his breakdown on

His first snap showed the abandoned Jeep on the side of the road in an unnamed location, and he wrote, "have I ever told you guys how cool it is to have an old jeep with no working fuel gauge...? until you run out of gas."

Bentley shared a grisly photo of what seemed to be a dead animal and its bones lying in the grassy field next to the highway, and added, "walking for gas along a busy freeway does allow you to take in the local sights and smells though..."

The singer then shared a selfie of himself sitting in his car awaiting help, captioning the picture, "the old out of gas side of the road selfie.... good times".

Fortunately, Bentley was rescued and made it to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in time for a show that night.