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Digitalism Idealistic Single

Now, here I have for you a German duo taking their cues from France, Digitalism. With their sound sitting comfortably in an classic wing-backed armchair on the ever prevalent post-daft punk dance-floor it seems that the French-drenched electro house invasion has only just started. 'Idealism', the new single from the digital duo, proves there's room for scope, drawing a strong influence from what the kids like to call 'indie'. Now this should make them 'nu-rave' right? Well, almost. However they manage to keep things on the rave side of things and there are no middle class ponces in skinny jeans preaching that they invented a new its all good.

Okay, this isn't the best Digitalism track, and, personally, I find it works better as part of their album, but maybe that's just me. Fact of the matter is, this wont stand the test of time.but its out at the right time, it just needs to be played in the right place.

Thom Holmes

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