Singer Dionne Warwick has urged TV reporters and journalists to stop asking her questions about her late cousin Whitney Houston - because she isn't going to talk about the tragedy any more.
Warwick was one of the last people the tragic R&B singer spoke to before her death last month (11Feb12) and she accompanied the I Will Always Love You singer's remains from Los Angeles back to her native New Jersey onboard actor/director Tyler Perry's private jet.
The Walk on By singer has paid tribute to her cousin in a handful of interviews, but she turned down the opportunity to be a part of Oprah Winfrey's TV special about the tragedy, which aired in America last Sunday (11Mar12), and in an Entertainment Tonight chat taped this week (beg12Mar12), she stated she has had enough of talking about Whitney.
She said, "I think what we're doing right now is the last time I'm gonna be doing this about Whitney. Whitney needs to be let go, she needs to rest and we all need to give her that solace."
The veteran singer admitted she's glad to be working on a new album amid the drama of Houston's death - because the studio gives her the chance to escape.
She explained, "This is probably the best thing that ever could have happened - for me to be busy... I want to have the peace that I know she is enjoying right now."