Disclosure are ''so proud'' to have worked on Sam Smith's James Bond theme.

The electronic musical duo - made up of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence - were asked by their frequent collaborator to give 'Writing's On The Wall' a ''contemporary feel'' and were honoured to be a part of something so prestigious.

Howard said: ''We didn't have too much involvement but I'm pretty proud we were involved at all. Sam [Smith] and Jimmy [Napes] wrote this incredible song for the Bond theme called 'Writing's On The Wall' and they then came to us and asked us to give it a bit more of a contemporary feel.''

The pair thought the song - which will soundtrack upcoming Bond movie 'Spectre' - sounded ''incredible'' before they got involved, and hope their ''subtle'' tweaks have made it even better.

Speaking to RedBull.com, Howard added: ''The song was already fully written and was incredible but it was just Sam with a piano and an orchestra and it sounded very classic - an amazing classic Bond song, like 'Diamonds Are Forever' or 'Goldfinger'.

''They asked us to put our twist on things and we just added a few little bits and made it a bit more electronic sounding, really quite subtle. But yeah man we helped with a f***ing Bond theme! I'm so proud.''

Howard has known Sam since the early days of his career and always knew he'd be a star.

He said: ''I knew Sam Smith was going to be a star straight away. He's just one of those guys - he's got that aura around him. When he wasn't famous, you'd be like: 'Why isn't that guy famous, someone make that guy famous!'

''I think some people are just born to do that, be that superstar and Sam is just that guy. He suits being famous and being on a stage.