Disclosure went on hiatus for the sake of their mental health.

The electronic duo - comprised of siblings Guy and Howard Lawrence - have revealed for the first time that they were ''drained'' after years of touring which is why they took a much-needed rest in 2017, following the release of their LP 'Caracal'

In an interview with NME, Guy said: ''I'm really glad we took that time off and we did do that for mental health reasons.

''I don't think we said it or explicitly, but we were drained and we needed inspiration for life and music to be drawn from outside of the process of touring.''

The 'Latch' hitmaker admitted that apart from when they are on stage performing, the touring lifestyle and jet lag is horrendous.

He added: ''You get to do what you absolutely love for an hour-and-a-half a day, and then the rest of it is pretty difficult living.

''It's a jet-lagged living for sure. You could plan a perfect day while you're on tour - but if you haven't slept three days properly before it, that's just a terrible day.''

The pair are grateful for being given the opportunity to perform around the world, and when asked if the non-stop partying was the dream, Howard quipped: ''It is, but you try sleeping on a cramped bus with 12 farting men every night.''

Meanwhile, Disclosure - who have returned with their third studio album, 'Energy' - recently insisted they are a band ''first and foremost'' and therefore the album format will always be important to them.

He added to MusicFeeds.com.au: ''I think we associate albums with bands, and we see ourselves as a band, the two of us.

''I've played drums since I was one year old, Howard's played drums since he was four. We've learned DJing as we went along after we'd already released a load of Disclosure music.

''We'd never claim to be the best DJs in the world. We're a band first and foremost, so we always wanted to keep doing albums.''