Disclosure have a pub test for collaborators.

The electronic duo - which consists of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence - have insisted that the artists they hook up with could be famous or newcomers, but ultimately, if they are the kind of singer that their friends would recommend to them at their local boozer, and they are into their music, there is a high chance they will collaborate with them.

Speaking about how Sam Smith credits their success to their hit 'Latch', the 'When A Fire Starts To Burn' pair insisted they also have the 2013 track to thank for pushing their career up a level.

Guy said: ''They can be legends, they can be brand new, they can be whoever. We just have to be fans, they have to be able to rap or sing and they have to be really nice.

''We're just normal guys. Imagine going down to the pub with your mate and they say 'have you heard of this person?' That's literally it, and if we like it we may hit them up.

''It's an easier time doing it now, hopefully, we can expect a reply, a little easier than it used to be. Working with up and comers is something we've done since the first record. There's a tonne of names on there of people who had a big step in the right direction while working with us, for us and for them.''

Meanwhile, Guy insisted that Disclosure - who release their third record, 'Energy', on Friday (28.08.20) - is a band ''first and foremost'' and therefore the album format will always be important to them.

He added to MusicFeeds.com.au: ''I think we associate albums with bands, and we see ourselves as a band, the two of us.

''I've played drums since I was one year old, Howard's played drums since he was four. We've learned DJing as we went along after we'd already released a load of Disclosure music.

''We'd never claim to be the best DJs in the world. We're a band first and foremost, so we always wanted to keep doing albums.''