We’re all for taking your job seriously and devoting your life to your chosen profession but you know, sometimes, you just need to rein it in a little. That can definitely be said of The Moonshiners star Tickle, who appears to have been over-indulging in his illicit alcohol and has found himself arrested at a convenience store, for public intoxication. Hardly the best advert for your trade, is it? Getting arrested for it?

Police in Danville, Virginia announced on Tuesday (March 11, 2013) announced that they had picked up Steven Ray Tickle (known simply as Tickle on the show) at Charley’s Stop and Shop. He was reportedly sat in the parking lot drinking. He had an open container of alcohol and also had the smell of alcohol on his breath. Surprising? No. Illegal? ‘Fraid so, Tickle. He was arrested and released the same day, from Danville City Jail, according to a report from therepublic.com. It’s currently unclear whether or not Tickle has a lawyer to defend him.

The Discovery Channel did not return a call asking form comment on the incident involving the inebriated 35 year old. The show Moonshiners follows the lives of people that brew the illegal alcohol, known as Moonshine. The show’s website describes Tickle as a “hard working still hand who loves moonshine.”