This week Frozen surpassed Toy Story 3 to become the highest grossing animated film of all time taking over $1.072 billion at the box office. The Disney feature, based on Hans Christen Andersen’s The Snow Queen has not only raked in mega bucks, but has also picked up critical acclaim and two Academy awards, one for best animated feature of course. Whilst Frozen is now at the top of the list followed by Toy Story 3, we thought we’d take a look at the other big money animated films which make up the top 10.

FrozenDisney's Frozen is now the highest grossing animated film of all time

The Lion King

The only 90s film to make the list, despite being now 20 years old The Lion King still holds its place as the third highest grossing animated film of all time. Produced during Disney’s 90s renaissance period, it also tops the list as he highest-grossing hand-drawn film in history. The movie received critical praise and holds a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it also won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy as well as two Academy Awards for its musical accomplishments. 

Despicable Me 2

Released in 2013, Universal’s Despicable Me 2 brought in over $970 million worldwide, not bad for a film with a budget of $76 million. The follow up to the 2010 original (which only makes number 24 on the list), is also the most profitable film in the 100-year history of Universal Studios. Fans of the franchise can now await the prequel/spin-off film, Minions, which focuses on the little yellow henchmen before they met Gru which is scheduled for July 2015. Despicable Me 3 is also in the works with an anticipated release date of June 2017.

Despicable Me 2Despicable Me 2 Almost Made $1 Billion

Finding Nemo

The tale of Marlin and Dory on their search for Nemo became one of the biggest hits of 2003 and is also the fifth highest grossing animation of all time. At the 2004 Oscars it took home the Academy Best Animated Feature award and was also nominated in three other categories including Best Original Screenplay. At the box office it took over $936 million and also went on to become one of the best selling DVDs of all time, selling an amazing 15 million copies in its first 14 days of release. The long awaited sequel, Finding Dory is currently in development with a scheduled release of June 2016.

Finding NemoFinding Nemo found big money in 2003

Sherk 2

The second highest rank sequel, Shrek 2’s box office takings were over $919 million when released in 2004, that’s nearly twice as much as its 2001 predecessor. For Dreamwork’s it was their most successful movie to date and the franchise is still the studio’s most profitable thanks to merchandise and DVD sales.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The third Ice Age instalment stormed the box office in 2009 to become the seventh highest grossing animation of all time. Taking over $886 million at the box office, earning praise for its animation technique’s but failing to impress critics on the story side. It might hold only a 45% rating on Rotten Tomatoes but who cares when you’ve made that much money.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Speaking of Ice Age, the fourth instalment of the successful franchise takes the number 8 spot with a $877 million worldwide gross. The original Ice Age film released in 2002, is the 41st highest grossing animation whilst the second instalment is the 15th, making Ice Age the second most successful animated franchise of all time behind Shrek. This could all change in a few years, however, as Ice Age 5 is scheduled for a 2016 release.

Shrek the Third

The second appearance in the list for the loveable green ogre, and his third big screen adventure. Shrek the Third took over $798 million despite receiving less favourable reviews than its predecessors. Still it did pick up a BAFTA nomination for Best Animated Film.

Shrek Forever After

We told you Shrek was the most successful animated franchise ever so its no surprise that the fourth and final instalment rounds off the top 10. Shrek Forever After grossed over 752 million on its 2010 release and remained as the #1 film in the United States and Canada for three consecutive weeks. Since shark ended, Puss n Boots has enjoyed his own spin off with a 2011 feature. Continuing with Shrek’s box office success, it holds the 24th spot on the list and a sequel is allegedly in the works. We also might not have seen the last of Shrek as DreamWorks founder Jeffrey Katzenberg has indicated their might be a fifth film, despite the fourth being touted as the final instalment.

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