The rocker reveals he's sick of having to deal with unpleasant, anti-Semitic 'Internet trolls'.

Draiman, the son of immigrants from Israel and the grandson of Holocaust survivors, has clashed with followers on Twitter over recent remarks he has made about the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

The singer, whose brother Ben lives in Jerusalem, tells Minnesota's 93X radio station, "I'm done with social media, personally.

"Social media has become a playground for trolls, a playground for these people who prey on one another. You can't get anything decent done on there anymore; you just open yourself up to constant attack. And I'm just done with it.

"I hope that the couple of years of my being as involved in it as I was meant something to people. I hope that they gleaned something from it, or took something away from it, or at least were entertained or something, because, now, I'm becoming a recluse."

He adds, "At the end of the day, what people want from me is to get up there on that stage and make them feel powerful and give them a release for an hour and a half or two hours every once in a while. And if I'm still able to do that, hopefully I'm still making people happy."