Dita Von Teese ''can't stand salons'' and prefers to dye her hair herself.

The glamorous burlesque model has revealed that she colours her black locks using an at-home box dye because she hates visiting the hair dressers for touch ups.

Talking to InStyle magazine, Dita said:''I can't stand having my hair done in a salon - I like to dye it myself. You can do pretty much any beauty look as well as a professional if you devote the time to learning how. I use Garnier Nutrisse in a blue-black shade.

''My hair was originally blonde. In the early '90s I dyed it red, burgundy and finally black. My boyfriend at the time got a little upset, but I felt people listened to me more.''

The raven haired beauty also admitted that her signature beauty spot isn't natural either.

She told the magazine: ''I had a beauty spot tattooed on when I was 20. I originally wanted a little star but the guy in the tattoo shop talked me out of it.''

Dita, 42, added that she likes to go fresh-faced on her days off to give her skin a time-out from the heavy stage make-up she wears during performances.

She shared: ''I don't wear a lot of make-up day-to-day, just a sweep of powder and maybe some mascara. I live in sunglasses and red lipstick - that's my quick look - but if I'm not leaving the house, I'll have a no-make-up day.''