Dita Von Teese is proud so many women go to her burlesque shows.

The 42-year-old beauty claims the majority of the attendees to her erotic dance shows are fellow women who are inspired by her work or want to learn from her.

She said: ''My fan base is predominantly female, overwhelmingly female. Especially in America and Europe. But it's changed over the course of my career from starting to create burlesque shows in the early 90s, it was definitely men and fetishists, and slowly I noticed it shifted to be women.''

Dita believes her performances attract lots of women because they want to learn about sensuality and how they can become more alluring.

Speaking to Prestige Hong Kong magazine, she added: ''I think a lot of women who want to come see a show like mine, or a burlesque show in general, are starting to get this message about alternative kinds of sensuality. Different kinds of beauty. Diversity. Something that's really a running theme in burlesque. And the art of creation.''

Dita - who was previously married to goth rocker Marilyn Manson - thinks the secret to being sexy is to accept yourself and be conformable in your own skin.

The fashion designer also insists to turn that sexual confidence into a great love life requires women to want to please themselves first rather than putting their man's pleasure ahead of their own.

She mused: ''Sexy is when people are comfortable in their own skin, and confident, and you can tell that they're doing things on their own terms. Their pleasure is something they're doing for themselves instead of trying to get appreciation from other people. They're not looking for validation. All of those kinds of, 'What will he like?' - it's a fail. A fail in the art of seduction. The art of seduction is really about cultivating so many different elements of sensuality, but realising that it has to start with you.''