Dita Von Teese thinks her look will "work at any age".

The 39-year-old burlesque model explained she had an "epiphany" at a recent shoot, and discovered she can still maintain her "classy" style when she gets older, as her hair, make-up and clothing choices have become like a "uniform" to her.

She said: "I was doing a photo shoot and the make-up artist had made me up to have grey hair but I was still wearing the same clothes and had the same make-up. I was scanning me in the mirror and I just had this epiphany that I was perfect - I looked like a classy, old lady.

"I won't have to change my look when I get older, it'll work at any age. I'm not sure what Paris Hilton will be wearing when she gets to 70.

"My look is like a uniform to me, I know each morning what I'll be doing with my make-up and hair, how long my hem line will be. I like to evolve my look, but I don't feel compelled to update it."

However, the raven-haired beauty - who has appeared in campaigns for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood in the past - admitted she isn't naturally blessed with a trim figure and "works hard" to look so glamorous.

Dita added in an interview with Vogue.co.uk: "I don't try to tell people I'm naturally anything, I'm not going to tell you that I eat pizza all day and look like this - I don't.

"I work hard to maintain a glamorous look, and to tell women that they can achieve it too. We all want to have a plump, juicy and luscious figures - I just try hard to stay fit."