Dj Fresh wants to make an ''artistic statement'' with his next album.

The 'Earthquake' hitmaker has seen the track feature on the soundtrack for comic book sequel 'Kick-Ass 2' and admits he now wants to shift the trend of his records to date being more of a ''compilation'' than a cohesive body of work.

He told DigitalSpy: ''I kind of feel to be honest that I haven't actually written an album yet. Everything I've done so far has just been a compilation of things I've done lumped into one group.

''This time I want to do an album that's a journey and a piece of music from start to finish. Until I have time to do that I think I'm just going to release EPs of random tracks I've done. Until now my albums have never been an artistic statement.''

This change follows criticisms fired at the musician from those who feel he's ''sold out'' - an ''irritating'' claim he has dismissed because he wants to explore his art in any creative way he can.

He explained: ''I find it a bit irritating because I did 15 years of some of the biggest tunes in drum & bass. It's annoying hearing kids who have probably only been into the genre for a year telling me I've sold out.

''I really care about that sound, but right now I want to do something different. I feel like I'm in a place where I can make whatever sort of sound I want.''