Not satisfying with being a platinum-selling megastar, music producer and record label executive, DJ Khaled has moved into the world of home design, unveiling his personal line of deluxe furniture – and it’s just as OTT as you’d expect!

Following a short but secretive Instagram campaign this week, the 42 year old American hip-hop artist revealed We The Best Home, by Goldition. The line is inspired by the designs in his own home and his deluxe lifestyle and it’ll officially launch this Thursday at El Dorado Furniture in Miami.

Khaled described the line “an extension of me” and states that he is directly involved in “every aspect of the creative design process.”

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According to Billboard, who obtained the first exclusive photos of the range, his favourite piece in the collection is a red throne, which he says is a “must-have for every King in his castle… the vanity is a major key for the Queen of the castle, so she can make sure she always looking like a queen.”

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Khaled’s followers on social media will know that he favours extravagance when it comes to most things in his life, and the line of furniture reflects that. According to a press release, the range consists of “statement pieces designed to elevate your home into a new level of expression, luxury living, and #winning.”

DJ KhaledDJ Khaled is now a furniture designer

“My home is my castle, and it’s a sacred place,” Khaled told Page Six in a statement. “I wanted to create something that highlighted how important our homes are to our lives — it’s where we spend time with family. It’s where we make memories. It’s where we raise our children.”

There’s set to be a total of 15 different ‘We the Best Home’ collections, with five launching on Friday, and Khaled has reportedly designed 300 different items in all, from furniture to home accessories.

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