Hip-hop producer DJ Khaled has been diagnosed with stress after suffering patchy hair growth in his beard.

The Grammy nominee and president of the Def Jam South record label began to realise something was wrong with his health after struggling to grow back his trademark facial hair while working overtime to put the finishing touches to Rick Ross' forthcoming album Mastermind.

He tells U.S. radio host Sway Calloway, "We just got done turning in Ross' album and people don't realise when you turn in an album, there's a lot of work behind the scenes. From clearing records to dealing with lawyers, sample clearances, mixing and mastering, marketing plans."

Doctors insisted his hairy issues were the result of being overworked and prescribed him with medication to ease his troubles.

However, Khaled has taken one positive from the health scare - his medic told him, "Son, you (are) suffering from the success" and the comment has inspired the title of his upcoming release, Suffering From Success.