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5th June 2012

Fact: Pop star Ashlee Simpson has joined Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, Elijah Wood and DJ Qualls in new movie Pawn Shop Chronicles, a dark comedy about the search for a missing wife.

1st March 2012

Tweet: "I'm doing jury duty today. I'm torn. On one hand I know it's my civic duty, on the other I want to act nuts so I'm not selected." Road Trip actor DJ Qualls is split over having to spend his day in court.

14th October 2011

Tweet: "Some1 I knew from Nola took his life last nite. Was a troubled, but sweet guy. I know he felt he had no other option, but that choice sucks." Road Trip actor DJ Qualls is mourning the loss of an old friend from New Orleans, Louisiana.

11th May 2011

Tweet: "Mia Davis, the love interest in my first movie, Road Trip has passed. I'm so sad She will always be a meaningful person in my life path. Rip." Actor DJ Qualls is shocked by the unexpected death of his movie co-star Mia Amber Davis. The plus-sized model/actress died on Tuesday (10May11), a day after undergoing knee surgery in Los Angeles.

28th July 2006

Quote: "Lindsay Lohan is not kind. I will say that. She's just not nice, not nice, she's not a nice girl. She has two movies left, that's all I'm saying!" Quirky Road Trip star DJ Qualls on his thoughts about Lindsay Lohan.

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