Do Me Bad Things

Do Me Bad Things-with support from Tokyo Dragons - Manchester Academy 3 - Live Review

Do Me Bad Things - with support from Tokyo Dragons - Manchester Academy 3 - Live Review
Do Me Bad Things with support from Tokyo Dragons

Manchester Academy 3


One of the reasons that some people steer away from the garage rock genre like it were an angry stag in the road, is that the unnecessary swagger and strutting oft associated with it can whiff of arrogance and pretension. All these faults are shaken off by these four sonorous scoundrels, Tokyo Dragons! They combine ripping pivots between the sounds of AC/DC, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Datsuns and a dabble of The Hives. The passion and rustic nature of the former band was prevalent in the pleasing and warmly received; 'What The Hell'. The humble and excited stage presence of Steve Lomax

ingriated himself to the crowd early on and turned the set into a friendly party, as he gave people a warm glow and the feeling that they were special invites.

Following their support of garage rockers The Datsuns & The Darkness, Croydon nine piece Do Me Bad Things were welcomed to Manchester with a sold out gig. They found themselves playing to a packed venue and a mish mash crowd of young eyeliner clad fans, a handful of students and older gig goers, attracting one of the most varied crowds I have seen in a long time.

The band themselves are hardly easy to pinpoint, hardly the type to appear on stage all donning a Do Me Bad Things uniform, especially one third of lead singers Nicolai who takes pride in his many costume changes, which consist of many bright colours and weird and wonderful sequinned numbers.

Anticipation was running high and as lead vocalists Chantal, Mark and Nic, backing singers Clare and Kimberley and various musicians took their stage, the fans were not the only ones bursting at the seams.

Prayers were answered, and jovial dancing and an electric atmosphere took over as the rousing “Time For Deliverance” started the glam disco ball rolling, topped with metal riffs, pop-gospel hooks and soaring exciting vocals all delivered with a passion and vigour to burst the entire venue to smithereens.

Infectious and impossible to ignore single “What’s Hideous” got the place dancing with it’s flamboyant wit, gospel strong vocals and downright catchy conviction, the intensity had built throughout culminating in a magical stadium busting finale.

Pop and rock harmonies, heavy riffs and altogether soaring vocals and atmospheric musician ship covering a plethora of genres give you something for everyone. Absolutely amazing!

Katherine Tomlinson