Rumours that Kris Marshall is set to become the next Doctor Who have gained more credibility after a BBC complaints officer assured a disgruntled fan that there were “currently no plans” for the next Timelord to be a woman.

The current star of the BBC sci-fi series, Peter Capaldi, has recently begun his final series in the role, and speculation has been mounting for several months as to the identity of the new Doctor. Many had predicted that a female actor would take over, with the likes of Tilda Swinton, Olivia Coleman and Phoebe Waller-Bridge being regularly mentioned in connection with the soon-to-be vacant part.

Kris MarshallKris Marshall is strongly rumoured to be the next 'Doctor Who'

However, reports earlier this week had suggested that Kris Marshall, who recently departed his role in ‘Death in Paradise’ this year, would be Capaldi’s replacement, and this seems to have become more likely with The Sun’s publication of a letter from the BBC complaints department in reply to a fan who was concerned that a female Doctor would confuse his kids.

Joanne Coyne, who works for the department, acknowledged in the letter that the fan’s concerns would be passed on to the ‘Doctor Who’ programme makers.

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“We appreciate that you’re a big ‘Doctor Who’ fan and you have concerns that the programme would change should there be a female Doctor,” wrote Coyne. “Be assured there are currently no plans to have a female Doctor Who.”

In addition, a BBC spokesperson added after the publication of the letter that: “No casting decisions have yet been made on Series 11.”

It had been assumed that the identity of the new Doctor would be left until the upcoming Christmas special in December, but trailers for the tenth series indicate that the reveal might be made sooner than that.

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